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Identifying and Preventing Errors in Glass Specifications

Many of today's creative business designs include custom-built facades and unitized curtain walls. Due to the increasing complexity of these custom facades, contractors need to ensure their building products meet exact specification and industry standards. Not only do...

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How to Clean Your Shower Door

Shower doors are vulnerable to scum, grit, mildew and other ghastly things. Keeping a shower door clean requires frequent cleaning because of the nature of glass and frequent door use. For more advanced cleaning and maintenance, you can also use Rain X two in one...

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Why You Should Install Low-E Glass This Fall

Over the years mankind has developed technologies that help in mastering the environment. In the 21st century Low E coating is one such technology. It has the ability to greatly improve the solar and thermal performance of glass. Gone are the days that you have to pay...

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10 Advantages of Using Glass as a Building Material

Over the years architects have leveraged the use of exquisite building materials to create building masterpieces. However, no other material has come to match the elegance of glass as a building material. This article looks at the 10 advantages of using glass as a...

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Security vs Learning in the 21st century

Keeping our kids safe in schools--and people in general safe in public spaces--can be challenging. This article does a great job of explaining the basics of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), which includes considerations for natural surveillance,...

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Fireframes ClearView™ System

Create with confidence using the industry’s most specified fire-rated glazing from Technical Glass Products. Check out our Fireframes ClearView™ System, featuring butt-glazed Pilkington Pyrostop® low-iron fire-rated and impact safety-rated glass in a Fireframes®...

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