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Keeping our kids safe in schools–and people in general safe in public spaces–can be challenging. This article does a great job of explaining the basics of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), which includes considerations for natural surveillance, access control, and territoriality. Windows, doors, electronic access controls, and specialty glazing products, all play big roles in building security. Modern Glass has the resources that you need when designing your next project!

Learn more about keeping students safe in the 21st century in this article.

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On February 14 of this year, we, like most, were shocked to witness the aftermath of another school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Immediately, pundits, politicians, and parents came together in demanding change. There was little unity, however, in the definition of change.

There is a growing concern that security considerations may motivate school administrators to shut down the evidence-based move toward more flexible and collaborative facilities. But what if current educational strategies could also make schools safer? What if we didn’t have to choose? Check out the latest NACLab blog by Michael Pinto and Randall Wilson to learn more. #education #k12education #schoolsafety #21stcenturylearning

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